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Open business in Ukraine

Opening a Business in Ukraine – it is a good investment opportunity. It is a good investment in the market with high potential for local sales, export and import, multi-skilled personnel not spoiled by high salaries, huge cheap warehouses, more affordable than in China and some of the world’s free trade zones.

Launch is available as the Organization of Business from scratch or Buying Operating Business.

But here exist little troubles: the bureaucratic and legal hurdles that an entrepreneur should overcome in order to incorporate and open a new firm, time losses and set-up costs; selection, evaluation and expertise of operating business, inspection the reputation of the operating business and verification of its history. Bridging may be by own efforts or by services of professional advisers teams.

The Aim of Business Partners in Ukraine is to assist to Open and Launch a Company in Ukraine (locally in Kiev – the capital of Ukraine and Odessa – the largest Ukrainian commercial sea port, situated next to an open free trade zone, and other cities of Ukraine), basing on own long-term relationships and numerous experience with foreign businessmen and providing the wide range of services.
The minimum required activities and services: banking services; hiring staff; renting offices, stores, warehouses, sales structures, buildings, land; notary services; Office in Office; Virtual Office; Setting up a Limited Liability Company, setting up a branch, representative office, free zone establishment; Opening a company in Ukraine; Company formation services.

A foreign entity is permitted to engage in all activities, including licensed in Ukraine. While the scope of activities that may be conducted through these means can include contracting, providing services and possibly manufacturing, foreign entities operating pursuant to these alternatives may engage only in those activities licensed by the relevant Ukraine authorities. Such foreign entities also will remain subject to the relevant restrictions that reserve certain activities for wholly Ukraine owned enterprises.

Banking system and bank regulation in Ukraine is well presented. The current banking system in Ukraine is two-tiered, comprising the central bank of the country and commercial banks. The central bank of Ukraine is the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), it controls the national currency, supervises the banking system and issues current banking regulations. Commercial banks operate under the authorization and supervision of the NBU. Commercial banks are formed as joint-stock companies or as companies on an equal footing with both legal and natural persons involved. The range of commercial banks activities includes: receiving deposits of enterprises, institutions and households, crediting of economic entities and households, investments in securities, documentary operations, formation of cash balance and reserves, as well as other assets, cash and settlement servicing of the economy, foreign exchange operations and other services to natural persons and legal bodies.
Numerous Ukrainian commercial banks have joined the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), Visa and MasterCard, etc. SWIFT provides financial data communication and processing services supporting the business activities of banks around the world. Participating Ukrainian banks can instantly settle transactions with other banks on-line with SWIFT. Western Union also has a funds transfer service between Ukraine and other countries.
Most banking services are available in Ukraine. The presence of international banks, particularly in retail banking, should force the sector to become more efficient over time.

Buying Operating Business in Ukraine

The most widespread form of buying operating business is the purchase of corporate rights. For the successful buying of business, it is necessary to conduct selection of businesses for sale according to the required criteria. The initiator, during selection (analysis) of business for sale with the aim of buying the appropriate business, should base on such key aspects of the procedure:

1) Studying of the current market of Ukraine; identifying the most attractive sectors, directions of activity.
2) Evaluation of conjuncture of the market. Definition of the basic criteria for selection of business.
3) After defining the sphere or industry and defining the criteria for a business for sale, it is necessary to enter the market with the public proposal for buying business.
4) After that, the initiator will select and study current proposals about the sale of Businesses.
5) Organization and conduction of negotiations.
6) The mandatory meeting with owners of business (even if the Mandate for sale is available).
7) Development of Protocol of Intentions by Ukrainian lawyers and signing of Protocol of Intentions.
8) Conduction of Due Diligence.
9) Legal Expertise.
10) Financial Expertise.
11) Conduction of Audit (verification of creditor’s and tax debts, and reliability of financial reports).
12) Evaluation of Business. Alignment of value of the corporate rights.
13) Development of the optimal structure of the transaction, including development of the financial model of the transaction. Tax optimization of transaction.
14) Legal and Advocate Support of Transaction: Development of the Sale and Purchase Agreement; Legal expertise of the Sale and Purchase Agreement; The signing of Sale and Purchase Agreement; Fiduciary Service; Notary Support.
15) Closing of the transaction.
16) Entry into the rights and registration of property rights.
17) Selection of the management team \ development of the business management strategy (model).

We wish You to become Successful Owners of business!