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BUSINESS PARTNERS IN UKRAINE  is a business resource that provides the opportunity to select a partner(s) on the basis of existing proposals of Joint Venture \ Business Partnerships or find a partner(s) among operating Ukrainian companies, that search for partners for Joint Business, according to Your criteria, and also find a partner for start-up.

When selecting a partner among the number of ones posted in the database, You receive ensured investment procedure based on the Service Agreement with a list of agreed necessary services.

Finding a partner is performed upon application with indication of criteria for operating business or investment project “shovel-ready”, sphere, amount and form of investments.

When creating a start-up with the Ukrainian partner in the application must also be included the distribution of shares of future business.

Strategic and financial partnership, management partnership and franchising, partnership with the capital increase and purchase of shares (corporate rights) – are among forms of partnership in Ukraine.

In Ukraine Partnership is widely used: in the financial sphere – banks, insurance companies, pension funds and others; in the real estate – business centers, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, apartments and others; in the energy sphere – traditional and alternative energy, energy saving and associated industrial activity (production of pellets, thermal insulation, boilers, inverters and etc.); in the mining and processing sphere – mineral resources, refinery and enrichment; in the infrastructure – terminals, viaducts and others; in the agricultural business, medicine, confectionery and many other.

Partnerships of many companies in Ukraine are expected to be in the form of cooperation on construction works, concessions in service industries, public catering, solid waste management and many others.

At Your disposal is a Team of Advisors and efficient tools, able to find the highest quality business investment opportunities in today’s market of Ukraine. Here you can find information about Joint Venture in Ukraine in all industries: plants, factories, alternative energy, biohumus production, processing of agricultural products, terminals, refineries, hotels, office centers, residential complexes, logistics centers, shopping and entertainment centers, etc.

BUSINESS PARTNERS IN UKRAINE for businessmen, for both beginners and gurus, is the best place for starting new business opportunities with our extensive database of Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Projects Owners, Early Stage Companies, allowing to select the best proposal.

Find a partner is open through easy submission of the application.

BUSINESS PARTNERS IN UKRAINE is resource jointing Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Early Stage Companies and Established Corporations with Strategic Investors and Partners, Financial Partners (Venture and Equity Capital, Investment Funds, Investment Banks), Corporate Investors, Potential Business Partners, Strategic Alliances, Businesses for Sale, Business Consultants and Advisers, Engineers and Contractors, and benchmark data for Mergers and Acquisitions.

In the case of investing in Ukraine is important to adhere to the following recommendations:

– do not use services of private persons, because as a rule it is a fraud;

– do not consider Business Plan or Investment Memorandum, developed by the owners of business, because market analysis and prospects for development and etc. will be «adjusted» under the investment attractiveness;

– do not use services of law firms \ companies, because Ukrainian law companies have reference only to law activities regarding preparation of legal documents, and not as a worldwide – to the interests of business;

– do not buy 50% of corporate rights, in the case of «majoritarian» intentions, because Ukrainian owners (co-owners business) can block all business decisions.