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Investment in Ukraine

When You are an investor and want to invest in the Ukrainian economy, You can consider different areas and forms of investment.

You can invest into the most profitable business in Ukraine and investment projects.

Based on the application, You can use the services of investment advisers, who have extensive experience in FDI support in Ukraine.

Why investing exactly in Ukraine? Investment in Ukraine has a number of advantages:

  • One of the biggest consumer markets in Europe with 46 million people.
  • A lot of sectors of economy require investment.
  • Per capita consumption of many goods and services is very low. As a result, there is a high growth potential for consumer goods consumption.
  • Skilled labor force.
  • Rich natural resources.
  • Favorable geographic location. Ukraine has an access to four out of ten European transport corridors. Ukraine is located on the cros roads between Europe and Asia. Ukraine is close to markets of Europe and Russia. Ukraine is one of the European leaders in the number of infrastructure characteristics: road, railroads, mobile penetration.
  • Improving tax environment.

With developed markets being in stagnation, investors are searching of places for potential investing. Ukraine presents exactly what investors are looking for.

However as Europe slides into recession, Ukraine’s positive growth rate still places it among the region’s leaders.

In Ukraine there are a lot of opportunities and projects in different areas (real estate, energy, agriculture, hospitality, consumer goods industry, shipbuilding, machine building, finance industry, infrastructure, metallurgy industry, etc.) which require investments for further development. Most of these projects are very profitable both for the Ukrainian part and for the foreign investor.

Ukraine has created a developed legal environment for investments. Ukrainian legislation provides indispensable guarantees for investors’ activities. On the territory of Ukraine foreign investors are assisted by national regulations for investment activity, which means that they are in equal conditions with native investors. Foreign investments in Ukraine are not subject to nationalization which is also very important for investors.

To improve protection of foreign investors the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States from 1965 was ratified by the Law of Ukraine dated 16.03.2000 No. 1547.

Verkhovna Rada of the Ukraine signed and ratified intergovernmental agreements on promotion and mutual protection of investments with more than 70 countries.

To support foreign investors the State agencies and local consulting companies founded a number of legislative acts adopted to assist the improvement of investment climate in Ukraine.

The government reviewed and adopted the Investment reform of Ukraine. The main objective of the reform is active involvement of foreign direct investments into Ukraine’s economy, forming a positive image of Ukraine in the world and positioning of Ukraine as a financial, political and business centre in the Eastern Europe.

In support of this initiative, Foreign Direct Investment is actively encouraged.

Investing in the emerging economy, investors need an independent opinion on the technical, market and financial viability of the proposed project. Similarly, where international debt financing is a part of the funding, prospective lenders often require an independent proof of the project’s forecast ability to service its debt.

Your request to the service for ensuringinvestment procedure, organization and implementation of the investment project, will be considered basing on your criteria, minimizing risks and taking into account the peculiarities of the selected sphere and specifics of the Ukrainian market.