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Solar Energy projects for Joint Venture

solar-energy-projectsLocation: in many regions of Ukraine

The Ukrainian company owns:

  • land plots 10 000 ha, 15 000 ha, 20 000 ha, (it is possible to obtain more land up to 200 000 ha)
  • finances (has 50% for projects)
  • permits (Shovel ready )
  • licenses (Shovel ready)
  • business plans (not in all projects)
  • etc.

Modalities for consideration of offers from potential partners in Joint Venture of Solar Energy projects:

  • investment amount  (for example, not less than 10 million euro not more than 300 million euro);
  • the number of MW (for example, not less than 5 MW not more than 300 MW);
  • participation of technology;
  • participation of the equipment
  • participation in certain projects (how many projects)
  • etc.

Proposed: for Joint Ventures creation

First name

Project Overview

The Ukrainian company (owner of the existing solar electric station) considers creation of new energy projects ( more than 10 projects) with a partner (joint venture strategic partners) on terms of 50% to 50%.

Project Details

  • Shovel ready high profitable Solar Energy projects.