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Brickyard for development

kirpichnye-zavodyLocation: Ukraine, Vinnitsa region

Products Description:

  • Facing hollow brick, red
  • Facing hollow brick, color
  • The block building ceramic porous

Internal norm of yield (IRR) – 13,1 %.

Project payback period (PP) with 2012 on 2019

The discounting rate – 10 %.

Proposed: for Joint Venture Creation

First name

Project Overview

Company conducts building of large objects in Odessa, the Odessa, and also in Vinnitsa. Project should establish two lines of brick production in one facility. First line will make 60 million pieces of ordinary building brick per year. The second line will make 15 million pieces of facing bricks per year.

Project Details

  • Return of Equity (ROE) – 19,36%
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