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Cement factory project looking for investor

cement-factory-project-looking-for-investorLocation: Ukraine, Vinnytsia region

Information for Investor:

  • Production capacity – 300,000 ton per year (possible to extend)
  • Employees – 40
  • Construction term – 1.5 year
  • Payback period – 3 years
  • Initiators are willing to invest a part of own funds
  • IRR – 18,45%
  • PP – 7 years
  • ROE – 26,62%
  • The owners are willing and able to invest part of the required funds

Proposed: for JV/returnable investments

Investment of amount: up request

First name

Project Overview

Project goal is build a cement factory of annual capacity of 300,000 tons, which will produce cement at lower cost than the existing factories by using of full cycle of new technological equipment, like energy saving grinds and other energy saving equipment. The cement factory will be located near dolomite open cuts (raw material for cement production) and close to railway station and all the necessary utility lines. This will ensure lower transportation cost for raw materials, for end product and reduce the cost of delivering the finished product to the customer.

Project Details

  • the cement factory project will be a modern facility of new generation in contrast to huge and inefficient old Ukrainian cement factories; it will be equipped with modern energy efficient equipment made in Ukraine; it will be built in short time and will pay itself back quickly.