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Private Multifunctional SeaPort HUB , HUB Terminals

private-multifunctional-sea-port-complex-terminalsPRIVATE MULTIFUNCTIONAL SEAPORT HUB  can include the following  HUB TERMINALS:

  • Passenger terminals
  • Cargo HUB terminals
    • multifunctional transshipment HUB terminals
    • break-bulk HUB terminals (iron ore fines or concentrate, construction materials, etc.)
    • dry bulk HUB terminals (coal, finished steel or its ingredients, grain, salt, sugar, etc.)
    • liquid bulk HUB terminals (crude oil, gasoline and miscellaneous chemicals, etc.)
    • metal cargo HUB terminals
    • bulked cargo (vegetable, tropical oils and fats, beverage, etc.)
    • temperature-controlled cargo (frozen fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, etc.)
    • container HUB terminals
    • storage HUB terminals
    • general cargo HUB terminals
    • industrial  HUB terminals
    • logistics HUB terminals
    • coal HUB terminal
    • grain HUB terminal
    • fertilizer HUB terminal
    • mineral ore HUB terminal
    • eco-friendly HUB terminal
    • iron-ore HUB terminal
    • wood  HUB terminal
    • food HUB terminal
    • and others (Only Eco Friendly)

    ANYONE can be the owner of HUB TERMINAL(s). You can get more information and apply for participation in the project of construction of the own terminal, contacting  phone: +38 0 674 82 42 29

    FREE PRATIQUE: standards of convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL) will be implemented.

    MAYGER LLC is the initiator and owner of the  International Business Project INDUSTRIAL PARK «OVIDIY CITY».  www.international-business-project.com

    MAYGER LLC www.mayger.org

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PRIVATE MULTIFUNCTIONAL SEA PORT COMPLEX (www.sea-port-terminal.com) can include the following TERMINALS: Passenger terminals Cargo terminals

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