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Ukraine Coffee Factory for Sale

2659Coffee Factory includes: a new warehouse green coffee, green coffee cleaning workshop, roasting, grinding section, the section of extraction, drying workshop, shop vacuum evaporation workshop, workshop of agglomeration, a new workshop of packaging products and finished product storage.

Easy logistics (ambient, chilled and frozen storage, inventory management system, ambient transport integration, excellent location), transport infrastructure, driveways (main roads, railways, port).

Technicians are trained with professionals in one of the leading coffee institutions in Europe.

Total production capacity – 3950 tonnesper year,including:

  • soluble coffee – 1000 tonnes,
  • roasted coffee – 2950 tonnes

The advantages of the Coffee Factory

  • Own brand and product line that match different tastes and preferences of the consumers;
  • Coffee factory products sold in 7000 retail outlets;
  • Designed corporate identity: registered TM, TK video, advertising material, commercial equipment, branded vehicles;
  • Availability of a variety of motivational programs to stimulate sales;
  • Sales increase of 20% per month;
  • Area for building is available.

Proposed: for Sale

Price: upon request

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Project Overview

Propose for sale Operating coffee factory (Location: Ukraine) with a full cycle of processing green coffee beans to the finished product.Roasting, grinding, extraction, drying, granulation, and packaging workshops are equipped with modern equipment. Total area of Land Plot- 7 554,7m2 Total area of Coffee Factory– 3 985,0m2

Project Details

  • Operating coffee factory products the whole range of coffee:   soluble granulated coffee      `   soluble powder coffee   roasted ground coffee   roasted coffee beans